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How To Start Your Own Amazon FBA Business Using My Unique  ONE PRODUCT Strategy
"How to discover, source and create a product people actually want, validate it, 
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Jonny shows how he went from always wanting more, grinding away at a dead end 9-5 job... to creating a 6 figure Amazon FBA Business by using the One Product Strategy.

Tonnes of Jonny's students have also built super profitable Amazon FBA Businesses in the exact same way. The best part, the majority had no existing experience when they started!

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With Host Jonny Bradley
Founder of SellerPro™ 
Over the past couple of years I've been working on what I call the 'One Product Strategy'. 

I've taken not only my own experience, but i've crowd sourced results from hundreds of my students so I could construct the most efficient way to not only learn the process but actually implement it successfully.

I created the diagram you'll see on this page. It's a revolutionary innovation in this space!

This strategy is truly my Mona Lisa, my E=MC² and I cannot wait to share it with you...
I'll See You There!
Secret #1
The Complete Solution
If you've ever heard of the 80/20 rule then this is the 20% input that will give you the 80% of your results. When Jonny Implemented this strategy... everything changed!
Secret #2
Mainstream Quality - Startup Price
do you wish you could present your product like a mainstream brand would? In this secret learn how you can get thousands of pounds worth of marketing material for under £100!
Secret #3
Page one in one week
You've got a great product and a great listing... you now need a Meteoric launch strategy. Learn the secrets as to how Jonny and his students launch to page one in one week! 
Does the training really work...?
Check Out Some Amazing Success Stories
Emilian's Story
"Within 3 Months He Was Selling Over £19,000 A Month And After 9 Months He Was Doing £60,000 A Month!"

"All With Just One Product..."
After 3 months of planning Emilian launched his Amazon FBA business. Within 3 months he was selling over £19,000 a month and after 9 months he was doing £60,000 a month! 

All with just one product...

Emilian has said that Amazon FBA has changed his life and he is so glad that he started when he did. 

He's currently planning his second product and hopes to launch it very soon.

Janson's Story
"Became One Of The Best Sellers In His First Month Of Selling He Sold Out & Joined The 10K Club All At The Same Time"

 "He Has Been Killing The FBA Game..."
Before selling on amazon Janson has sold a few bits and pieces on eBay but wanted to start his Amazon store so he could start getting a more passive income stream. 

After launching his first product in September 2018 he quickly became one of the best sellers & in his first month of selling he sold out & joined the 10K Club all at the same time.

Since getting back in stock he has been killing the FBA game, beating his own record doing £33K+ in 30 days.

Oye's Story
"The Best Investment I've Made This Year...I Officially Hit 10k This Morning. Was Thinking Maybe Next Year I Will Get To This Level"

 "Now Have To Set Bigger Targets"
Oye started selling on Amazon before he joined the SellerPro Academy but his listing weren't doing great. He enrolled to see what i was missing and boy was he surprised...

He said, 'There was information you wouldn't  get from watching hours of YouTube videos.'

He officially hit 10k a couple weeks after enrolling. He was thinking maybe it would take months next year to get to that level but now he has to set bigger targets for 2019! £15k/m next!

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